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The aim of this directory is to show a drawing of and details about almost every hard enamel Arsenal badge made up until, and including, the 1990s. I say almost because there will be badges I haven't included for various reasons. This could be because I simply don't know about a certain badge's existance or have never seen a certain badge either as a picture or in reality. Although I know, more or less, most of the vintage Arsenal badges that exist, I'm not an authority on the subject and I don't claim to be.
Another reason may be simply because I haven't been able to get around to drawing a particular badge. Like the rest of this website, this directory is an ongoing project and it's doubtful I am going to wait until every single drawing is finished before putting it online.
The names given to the badges might not be 'official' but are what I think best seems to fit although I do realise that in many cases these can, and will, be ambiguous.

Anyone with any info on vintage Arsenal badges or colour variations I haven't included can email me at the address given on the Badges Wanted page.

Please click on a link to see the corresponding badge and please use your browser's Back button to return to this page.

I will add more badges to the list as time passes.


Coffer Ace Club

Coffer Arsenal 71

Coffer Arsenal 71 Double Winners Two Trophies

Coffer AR-SEN-AL The Gunners

Coffer AR-SEN-AL Double Winners 1971

Coffer Arsenal Are Magic

Coffer Arsenal FC Double Winners 1971

Coffer Arsenal OK

Coffer Arsenal Players Please

Coffer Arsenal Rule

Coffer Arsenal Super Stars

Coffer Arsenal Travel Club

Coffer Ball

Coffer Boot

Coffer Cannon

Coffer Double large rectangle

Coffer Easy Easy

Coffer FA Cup shape

Coffer FA Cup Winners 1971

Coffer Fist

Coffer Heart

Coffer Hot Shots

Coffer League Champions 1971

Coffer Number 1

Coffer Nut

Coffer Pick of The Pack

Coffer Pennant

Coffer Red Flag

Coffer Rose

Coffer Rosette

Coffer Shape

Coffer Shield 1

Coffer Shield 2

Coffer Small Shield

Coffer Shirt

Coffer Space Invaders

Coffer Square

Coffer Supermen

Coffer Triangle

Coffer Union Jack

Coffer V Sign

Coffer Win With Arsenal

Coffer Wings


1971 Double Large Rectangle

1971 Double Oval

60 Years In First Division

AFC Highbury

Arsenal Are Magic

Arsenal Ball

Arsenal Centenary 1886-1986

Arsenal Circular

Arsenal Crest type 1

Arsenal Crest type 2

Arsenal England

Arsenal FC Cannon

Arsenal FC Circular

Arsenal FC England

Arsenal FC Gunners Shield

Arsenal Football Club The Gunners gold rectangle

Arsenal Oblong Shape With Cannon

Arsenal Shield

Arsenal The Ace of Clubs

Arsenal The Gunners Circular

Arsenal The Gunners Circle With Scrolls

Arsenal The Gunners Shield

Arsenal The Pride of London

Arsenal Turn Me On

Bionic Reds

Challenge Cup Winners 1987

Charity Shield Wembley 1993

Circle and Crown type 1

Circle and Crown type 2

Coca Cola Cup Final Wembley 1993

Coca Cola Cup Star 1993

Crossed Flags

Cup & League 1971

ECWC Winners 1994 small

ECWC Winners Copenhagen

FA Cup Winners 1971

FA Cup Winners 1979

FA Cup Finalists and Winners 1993

FA Cup Winners 1998

FA Cup Winners 1998 with wreath

Fairs Cup Winners 1970 Shield

Fairs Cup Winners Trophy

Football Boot 1st issue

Football Boot 2nd issue

Football League Champions 1970-71

Football League Champions 1988-89

Football League Champions 1990-91

Football League Champions 1990-91 with wreath

Football Player

Gomm Ball

Gunners Pure Magic

I am an Arsenal Supporter

I'm a Loyal Arsenal Supporter

International Tournament Winners 1988

Large Circular Cannon

League Champions 1989

Littlewoods Challenge Cup Wembley 1988

Littlewoods Challenge Cup Winners 1987 Shield

Milk Bottle

Miller Ball

Miniature Circular Cannon

Miniature Shield

Premier League Champions 1998

Premier League Champions 1998 With Wreath

Razor Sharp

Rosette 1

Rosette 2

Rosette 3

Shield With Flags

Small Circular Cannon

St George Cross Flag

Union Jack Flag