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Football Badge Links

Colin's Top Page.

Interesting site with many good football badge images, information and useful links. GO THERE.

Football Badge Forum.
Message board with a collector's section and some good links to other football badge collector's websites. GO THERE.

King of Pins.
Large site from Austria with many football badges for sale. GO THERE.

Martin Scott Football Memorabilia.
Very large selection of football memorabilia covering many teams. Many badges for sale. GO THERE.

Boleyn Badges.
An interesting site with images of West Ham badges and football badges from around the world that also feature the crossed hammers logo. GO THERE.

Hull City Badges.
A Hull City supporters web site showing his badge collection, swaps for sale and football badge links. GO THERE.

A collector's website showing kit shaped badges from many teams both nationally and internationally. GO THERE.



Arsenal & Football Links


Watch Charlie George score the winning goal in the 1971 FA cup final. GO THERE.

The Gunners Pub.
A link to one of many sites reviewing the world famous The Gunners pub. GO THERE.

Fantstic quality retro Arsenal football shirts and more. GO THERE.

Backpass Magazine.
A football magazine dedicated to the good old days of real football. GO THERE.

Kit Classics.
An interesting site showing the history of every team's football kit colours. GO THERE.



Other Useful Links

Xara Xtreme.

Superb graphics programme. GO THERE.

Shell Extension City.
Many free utilities and programmes for your computer. Updated almost daily. GO THERE.

Plenty of  advice and information regarding DVDs, DVD players, unlocking the region code to your player and recording to DVD etc. GO THERE.

A very impressive and informative site on TV aerials and their installation etc and for buying the right equipment needed for your aerial installation. GO THERE.

Useful site which enables you to search by track or by artist to find out exactly when a certain track was released and who sung it etc. GO THERE.

Free hit counters for your website - without annoying adverts. GO THERE.