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Where can I buy football badges?
That depends on what you're after. Modern, new enamel badges can be bought from many different places and are pretty easy to obtain but if you're after genuinely
vintage badges made of real enamel you can be in for a pretty frustrating search. They do appear on eBay from time to time but be prepared to pay a fairly high
price if you don't want to be outbid. You can also visit football badge and memorabilia fairs or second hand markets etc.
There are web sites that sell football badges in real and new enamel. I've included some of these on my Links page. See the Articles page also.

What's the difference between real enamel and new enamel?

Please go to the Articles page for the best explaination I can give.

Why don't you collect new enamel badges?

In my opinion, new enamel is the cheaper modern alternative and doesn't have the quality and feel of real enamel. It's like comparing a modern piece of flatpack furniture
to an old piece of genuine wooden furniture. The flatpack furniture is practical and has it's place in the home but the old piece of furniture has a quality about it that isn't found in the modern piece. I've nothing against new enamel badges, I'm just not interested in collecting them. A good analogy might be to say that the real enamel
vintage badges suited football as it was and that the new enamel badges of today suit what I feel football has become.

What's a Coffer badge?

A Coffer badge is, basically, a badge made by the firm of Coffer. Usually stamped Coffer London or Coffer Northampton on the reverse with Northampton badges being the later examples.
They are a good quality real enamel badge that, sadly, stopped being produced in the early 1980s. See the Articles page.

Do you sell football badges and are you a badge dealer?

I'm not a badge dealer but I do sell football badges on eBay every so often.

I have a badge for sale that you're after. Will you give me the price I want for it?

That depends on the badge and on what you're asking. I will pay a very good price for a badge I'm after if it's in the right condition but I won't start paying
silly prices just because a greedy seller thinks I'm a desperate mug.

How do I sell a badge to you?

Send an email to the address given on the Badges Wanted page and include a clear photograph of the badge with your message. This will show me what the badge
is and, hopefully, what sort of condition it's in etc. If we agree on a price (including recorded delivery postage) I will then either pay you by cheque or by Paypal.

What do you mean by mint and well made?
By mint, I mean a badge without damage and in the same condition as the day it was made. By well made, I mean a badge that has no ugly manufacturing flaws.
I never cease to be amazed at what some people consider to be mint when, in fact, the badge has obviously seen better days.

What's the best way to store football badges?

There are various ways to store badges and each collector has their own method that suits them. Some badge collectors keep their badges in coin albums
or coin trays but personally, I keep mine in a thing called a Pin Trader Wallet which is a type of folder with pages made of fabric. The badges are then
pinned to these pages.

Where did you get the drawn graphics that are on this web site?

I made all of the drawn graphics and all of this web site myself.

What programme do you use to make your graphics?
I use a programme called Xara Xtreme. There's a link to their website on the Links page.

Why have you watermarked your graphics?

I know it ruins their appearance slightly but I've done this to hopefully put people off downloading them for their own use.